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Kaye Griffin

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I have a focus within my work on grief & loss, crisis and trauma and work with all presenting issues and symptoms that arise within the client work.

My philosophy is to work together with each client to assist them to achieve their desired goals in a calm, safe and positive way. Underlying issues often play a significant role in what and how we feel. I use a combination of Psychotherapy, Brainspottingâ„¢, Animal Assisted Therapy, EMDR, Trauma Informed Therapy, Brain Based Therapies, Somatic Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Hypnotherapy to assist in identifying and working with any underlying issues.

I work in an integrative way that empowers and supports adaptive coping skills that see individuals as not only capable of surviving but thriving through celebrating resilience and self compassion and empathy for self and others.

EMDR and BrainspottingTM are advanced neurobiological psychotherapies that integrate and combine with talk therapies, expressive therapies, body centred psychotherapy and trauma specific and trauma informed therapies to support clients to make meaning in a way that allows healing and promotes living a more pleasant life.



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