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Kellie Joy Payne

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I know you want more than anything right now are healthy relationships, attachments and sexual freedom to be who you are. For that to happen, though, you need a safe space filled with empathy where judgement and shame cannot survive. The problem is trusting somebody to be that individual with whom you can explore and discuss your true self without fear of being shamed, judged, or misunderstood, this makes you feel like something is wrong with you, and you are a lost cause. I believe unconscious patterns are the driving force behind troubled relationships, attachments and sexual concerns. We understand it's scary and exhausting to look inside and make changes. However, we know you are resilient, brave, and full of hope. You can make changes. That's why we sit with you during your time of pain, confusion and help you understand life and yourself, as a whole, not just parts. Here's how it works: we start by getting comfortable with each other, explore your past, set goals for change and understanding, then work together to achieve them in an open, authentic, and protected environment. So, take the most challenging step and connect with us today, book an appointment, or simply call us. You can stop feeling alone and confused, start being who you want to be, live a life of joy, and have successful relationships.


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