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Kerri-Ann Batchelor

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 Specialist Counsellor in Grief & Bereavement, Palliative Care and Dementia Specialist.Kerri-Ann has a long history of Grief and Bereavement Counselling in home based palliative care, cancer diagnosis, and a wide range of other terminal conditions, specialising in Dementia. Kerri-Ann Supports and empowers individuals and carers, spouses and family members while seeking pathways to diagnosis or assisting people to livewell with a life limiting illness. Advanced care planning and planning for the future are also areas of experience. Transitioning to Residential care and referral pathways to support this process are also an area of interest and expertise. Kerri-Ann ensures a person centred experience for all individuals, providing a safe and supported experience is Kerri-Ann's priority.Kerri-Ann can support individuals within all complex areas of grief and loss. Supporting and educating people to cope with and acknowledge other losses that can be due to terminal diagnosis, disease, Family separation, relationship breakdowns, family relationships, trauma, unemployment and disaster is also an intergral part of her work. With over 18 years counselling experience, my Current counselling role is as director and principal counsellor at Live Life Well Counselling. Counselling experience for 5 years as a specialist Dementia Counsellor for Dementia Australia in the Grampians region, Experienced as a specialist Palliative Care Counsellor in Home Based Palliative Care, Experienced with Child and Family Services. Extensive experience in the My Aged Care system, transitioning to Residential Aged Care and NDIS, experienced in support pathways and services for carers, Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program and Children's Contact Service. Experienced in the area of family relationships, family law, family violence, Elder Abuse and special interest in the wellbeing and safety of children and the Elderly.



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