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Do family problems or the past infect how you live you're every day life?Does it feel you're making the same mistakes or picking the same type of partner?Have you experienced recent loss of a job, a significant person or relationship? Loss can be devastating and overwhelming.Or do you have days where even getting out of bed feels as difficult as climbing Mount Everest?Being truly heard through counselling gives you the freedom to talk in a safe and confidential environment without being criticised or judged. Exploration through counselling can bring new understanding and promote healthy change.As an experienced counsellor I have worked in both private practice and within various organisations for over 25 years and I'm here to listen and support you to find your path through offering clinical and psychological support.My approach is client centred and integrative, I use interactive, reflective approaches using clay, sand and symbols and art work combined with talk therapy to allow and encourage clients to explore using their own values and views. I believe professional and personal development is an important part of developing and offering a healthy and ethical practice. At the moment I'm offering Telehealth to connect and work with clients but will be moving back to face2face appointments in the future.I offer potential clients a half hour free session to allow us to meet and decide it we feel comfortable moving forward together so ring me for a quick chat, check out my website for more information and I look forward to speaking with you soon


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