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Kerry Johnson

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Kerry is an experienced and skilled counsellor who has been supporting couples and families of varied ages through general, more complex, and diverse issues. Kerry has worked in a range of sectors including not for profit organisations, schools and private practice and is registered with the Australian Counselling Association. Through her expertise she offers therapeutic services to guide and support couples to develop strategies and skills to build and understand your inner world as a couple. Working from a gentle, client-centred approach, she works collaboratively with each couple to ensure the best outcomes are reached.Every couple comes to therapy with their own strengths and by using primarily The Gottman’s Method Couples Therapy, tailored for each individual couple, she endeavours to lead her clients to discover self-empowerment, skill development and improved wellbeing as a couple. With empathy and compassion, she allows clients to work at their own unique pace in the sessions to experience transition in a safe environment leading to positive change. Thorough understanding of each couples’ particular circumstances is vital in successful couples therapy and I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Prepare/Enrich Marriage Counselling to ensure this occurs.


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