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Kim Gotlieb

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Kim Gotlieb Psychotherapist & SupervisorLife CoachMediatorA supportive container to make space for deepening awareness and strategies to encourage emotional helath and well-beingA place to explore and expand, heal and move forward.Specialist areas:Anxiety & DepressionPersonal Growth RelationshipGender & SexualityGay & Trans issuesSpirituality & Life PurposeDealing with aspects of your life that aren’t working as well as you want.Personal or  Relationship challenges:Unhelpful moodsUncomfortable emotionsNegative behaviour patternsFeeling a bit lost Out of touch with “the meaning of it all”.“Insight and Awareness lead to better choices and outcomes.” That’s the motto that underpins my approach. What that means is that we can work together to notice the various thought-patterns and structures, barriers and limitations, which can get in the way of the best of who we are. Then we can look at strategies to address the underlying need, and the resistance that can get in the way. This can include leaning into a measure of discomfort that lies at the edge of an expanded view of who we are and how we want to find expression in the world.This approach emerged out of a life-time of personal growth and  training across a range of Psychotherapeutic modalities. Process Oriented Psychology looks at noticing polarities and the underlying “dreaming”  which may be a little outside our everyday awareness, including the impact of power dynamics. I also value Narrative, which explores the stories we tell about ourselves, while valuing the brain plasticity that can adapt these often strongly held beliefs.Feel free to call for a complimentary 15-minute chat or book a session to see if this feels like a good fit for you.0408652394kimgotlieb@gmail.comhttp://www.kimgotlieb.comLimited health fund rebates available



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