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If you've been to counselling or therapy before, the way I work is probably different from what you're used to.The first 4 sessions are done as a package, which costs $200 (payable up front). During these sessions we'll explore your reproductive story, family-of-origin story, genogram and attachment style. In other words, we'll explore you! Who you are, where you came from, how and why you came to be here. The reason I offer 4 initial exploratory sessions as a package is because, sometimes just getting a full understanding of their background and themselves can help "normalise" some of the issues and feelings clients are experiencing and that's enough for them to then move forward.After that, if you choose to continue, we'll begin the work together of how you want to move forward, what sort of life do you want to create and why?As I'm a death doula/end-of-life consultant as well as a Registered Counsellor, we also have the option of figuring out how you'd like to exit this world when your time comes and what to put in place to make things easier for the people you leave behind.My method incorporates somatic, body-based exercises, NeuroAffective Touch Therapy, Internal Family Systems, EFT/Tapping and Jungian concepts. I work with a combination of talking and body-based therapies because the brain and the body move and process things at different speeds and it's important to acknowledge and work with both. Does the body's story match the narrative story that's being told by the mind? Combining talking and body-based therapies provides a better understanding of ourselves and how to have our needs heard and met.I offer a Pay-What-You-Can model, which we can talk about after the initial 4 sessions.If you're now saying to yourself "Oh my god, this is exactly what I've been looking for!", then get in touch and let's get started, either face-to-face or virtually. If not, then I say to you "We won't be a good fit so move on with grace" and I wish only the best for you.



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