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Kopal Sinha

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I am currently working at Dementia Australia as Dementia Counsellor. I am providing counselling to the people with dementia and their carers. My purpose is to help you find your inner self. Together we can make sense of how you think, behave, feel and learn. Through Talk therapy you can share your problems and feelings in a very confidential way which can help you deal with your vulnerability in a positive manner. I will listen with empathy to help overcome your issues that can cause emotional pain leaving you with extreme discomfort. I offer a safe space for you to explore difficult feelings and believe it influence the success of the therapy. I am there to support you and respect your perspective.I love helping people suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems or motivational issues. I have counselled many children, families and individuals in home settings some with autism and ADHD.You will find my counselling style comforting and interactive. I believe in treating anyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. In counselling empathy can not be added but comes within a person. So valuing empathy, non-judgmentalism and genuineness enhances the bond between a client and a therapist. I ensure that you will be welcomed with warmth.Thank you 


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