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Kuljit Daliwal

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Hello, my name is Kuljit and I am a UK qualified Psychotherapist and I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, BACP. I offer 1:1 counselling in a safe, supportive environment for adults, young children and teenagers, supporting them through various issues i.e. depression, anxiety, socialising issues, relationship struggles, exam or work issues, bereavement, bullying, panic attacks, self-harm.I feel, forming a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients is at the heart of our work together. In my work, I follow the humanistic approach, which focuses on self exploration of the ‘whole person’ and their unique individual experience. This approach is based on the premise that we all naturally gravitate towards goodness, therefore, difficult life experiences are temporarily blocks along our journey and with the right support, we all have the ability to reach our goals.Person-centred approach is key when working with my clients as this is a non-directive approach. In other words, you the client, decides what you’d like to focus on and for how long, as well as moving at a pace that feels comfortable to you, so through the process of counselling you can discover your own solutions.My intention is to provide a warm, confidential environment for you to work through any difficulties you may be experiencing and support you, without judgment, to explore your feelings in a safe space at your own pace.Whether you are seeking support with health issues, relationship struggles, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem or would like to gain more self-confidence and recognise your strengths, or you feel your child could benefit from therapy, then please do contact me, do not feel alone. By exploring these underlying feelings, which at times prove difficult to manage, can lead to gaining insights into aspects of yourself that can allow for a shift in your understanding about yourself as well as in the way you might relate to other people.When working with young children, I offer play therapy as a way to work through their challenging emotions. It can be scary for a child to trust a counsellor, whom they’ve never met before, to open up about difficult feelings, that may feel equally scary. Play therapy offers a great way to connect with children and create a safe and caring environment to allow them to feel comfortable and explore their thoughts and feelings using art and play. This approach is also very effective when working with teenagers, although some do request talking therapies.I understand that it can be stressful experience trying to find the right counsellor that suits your or your child’s needs. If you are considering counselling but are not sure, please contact me via email. 



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