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Kye Dures

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Kye discovered his passion for helping others whilst working in a school. Motivated by his desire to see people find peace and joy during difficult situations, Kye went on to complete his Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy. Since completing his studies, he has worked extensively with young people, their families and carers in pastoral and counselling roles, helping them to navigate life’s ups and downs. Kye loves working with all people and values the uniqueness that each brings to this world. He takes a holistic approach toward his counselling that addresses the whole person (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and how these dimensions interplay to impact our wellbeing.Kye has an easy-going manner that people immediately warm to. His positive approach toward people encourages them to take steps forward to overcome challenges. Clients feel understood, valued and appreciated for who they are, and empowered to use the gifts and strengths they have, to improve their situation and overall wellbeing.

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