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Kyle Miller

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I am an ACA registered integrative psychotherapist, and have completed a Bachelors Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from The Ikon Institute of Australia.My approach to therapy is warm and person-centred, holding the unique nature and rich history of each client at the forefront of our work together. I work with clients to create a collaborative, explorative, and relational container through which understanding, compassion, and insight may be fostered. At the core of my approach is a deep sense of positive regard, and a strong belief in each individual’s capacity for lasting and meaningful change. I endeavour to deliver an attuned and safe therapeutic encounter, one which restores connection to self, other, and the world in which we live. I am deeply interested in and impassioned by Psychotherapy – I see it as both a means of understanding our history and all that we hold within, as well as contacting and engaging all of our future potentialities, those waiting to be known, held, and met. I think of the engagement in therapy as an act of willingness to take this step towards a deeper knowing and understanding of one’s self. Indeed, I believe therapy is a choice – in many respects, I feel it to be the first (and potentially, most potent) reclamation of agency, the restoration of a hope in our one’s capacity to find freedom and wholeness.In my work as a therapist, I draw upon a variety of evidence based and trauma-informed models of practice, including Psychodynamic theories, Attachment theory, Existentialism, Developmental Psychology, and Sensorimotor and Somatic-based Trauma theories. I work with individuals of all ages and presentations, ranging from anxiety, depression, developmental neglect and trauma, relationship challenges, attachment based issues, and emotional regulation. More specifically, I have a particular interest in working with veterans from the armed forces, and the unique challenges they face following military service.My fee is $130 per session, with some concession spaces available.

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