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Kylie Heenan

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It's all about relationship! Kylie is a skilled and qualified counsellor, clinical supervisor and group facilitator with a passion for helping people to Deepen Connection & Live Authentically. Kylie utilises a social constructionist lens in her collaborative work with individuals, couples and groups to invite awareness, understanding and reflection, thereby enriching relationships with self and others. With a decade of experience, Kylie is known for her attuned and non-judgemental approach, helping people feel at ease to share their concerns at a pace that works for them. Counselling with Kylie is like a friendly chat that brings clarity to your situation, identifies where you feel stuck, and gently encourages you to create the change you want to see. In one client’s words: “You articulate everything I’m feeling when I can’t put it into words.” Kylie is also highly skilled in domestic violence and trauma counselling, with many years supporting victims of abuse, and post-grad qualifications in Men's Behaviour Change. Training is available for organisations or student cohorts wanting to better respond to DFV.Kylie offers Clinical Supervision to counsellors of all levels of experience as a space to explore practice framework, modalities, tools, challenges, cases, and the thin veil between personal and professional. Group or individual formats available.



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