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Kylie Willem

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Kylie WillemCounsellor, Imago Relationship Therapist, Licenced Erotic Blueprint Coach™ and Intuitive HealerHi, I’m Kylie.I help women, men and couples to overcome relationship overwhelm so they can create intimate connection, passion and joy in their everyday lives.When you’re intimately connected with yourself, and within your closest relationships, you will feel completely alive.But, when there’s physical or emotional disconnection in your life, you can’t thrive. And it causes so much unnecessary suffering. Life becomes exhausting and even the smallest things seem challenging because the joy is missing.If this sounds familiar to you, I know how you feel.I understand deeply the pain and frustrations in intimate relationships, including in the most important relationship you have – your relationship with your Self.In my own life, I experienced this disconnection for a long and painful time. When I couldn’t cope any longer, I went on a quest for answers which lasted several decades.I studied and searched for the programs and teachings that would help me begin to love being myself, so I could create my life and relationships as I wanted them to be.But it wasn’t easy working this out on my own. It was messy, lonely and intimidating.I would have loved a wise, experienced, compassionate and energetic guide to walk with me through the challenge of changing old, unconscious habits, patterns and limiting beliefs. Someone to hold my hand as I released past pain and resentments, and unravelled the destruction behind the family, societal and cultural conditioning that sets us up for difficult, disconnected relationships.When you love and believe in yourself, the challenges you face in your life become learning gifts on your journey.When you think differently and can see a clearer, broader perspective, problem solving and communication become easier. Because your cup is full instead of empty, your heart can be too.If you are ready to…Break the cycle and get more from life and love…Do the hard work to create new patterns and embrace your problems in order to solve them…Feel empowered and in control of your life, passion and pleasure…Find connection and intimacy again…It would be my honour to guide you.I have been privileged to see many wonderful life transformations with my clients. I am so grateful to have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help guide them to BE who they truly are and LOVE IT!If you’re ready to heal and grow in your relationships, I would be honoured to guide you.You deserve happiness!Let’s do this. QualificationsMy journey has led me to a combination of practices that allow me to help you discover your ALLNESS. The very best version of yourself. The YOU you know you want to be. Diploma CounsellorCertified Imago Relationship TherapistCertified Master NLP PractitionerCertified HypnotherapyCertified Reiki – Level ThreeCertified & Licensed in Erotic Blueprints™Professional AssociationsI am a member of the:ACA (Australian Counselling Association)AIRTA (Australian Imago Relationship Therapy Association)


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