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Leo Martyn

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GradDip Psych & Couns, Master of Social Work (Q), BA Visual Arts:Leo Martyn is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist who has been engaged in private practice for many years. He has also worked in a number of counselling-orientated roles for a variety of organisations. He holds postgraduate qualifications to Masters level in the field and enjoys working with adult clients from all walks of life, creatively and experientially. Leo is also a member of both the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).What does it mean to be human and live life to its fullest potential? What veils our capacity to empower ourselves to just simply feel spacious and free most of the time? Leo has the passion and compassion for aiding and supporting life’s journey from wherever you are in each moment. He is interested in a whole body and being approach to catalyse the dynamism and spirit of existence which can support the courage, will and insight needed for change. In professional practice Leo has worked with clients from all works of life and strives to practice from a place of deepest openness and respect. People may be seeking help for known past experiences, or they may be struggling with feeling anxious or depressed within stuck patterns without really knowing why. Leo takes a particular interest in a broad range of personal and interpersonal challenges and is particularly interested in panic, agoraphobia, more complex traumas and addictions in all ages.Are we not embodied beings who are greater than just thoughts? Along with a passion for supporting life’s journey of inner and self-realisation, Leo is also deeply committed to taking a practical approach to having the capacity to meet life’s everyday challenges. His deep interest in body-based somatic, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches is flexibly balanced with other shorter-term cognitive-behavioural approaches.



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