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Lisa Kennerley

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Sometimes life may feel overwhelming at times, and you’re not sure what to do with these thoughts and feelings, or perhaps feeling stuck, lost, anxious, confused or hurt. Everyone struggles with something, even if they don't show it. I want you to know there is hope! Counselling can provide tools to manage the stress and anxiety, or whatever you are feeling and restore well-being. My primary focus is you, and my approach to counselling is warm and supportive, providing you with a safe space where you feel comfortable to share your concerns, talk through your feelings, thoughts, experiences, and expectations.I can help you find your way to a greater sense of self and wellbeing. I will help you to gain deep insight about yourself, the difficulties and your potential. I work with curiosity and mindfulness with which we explore what is happening to you in this moment and most importantly, I will walk alongside where you are.My practice is inclusive and culturally safe. I welcome people from diverse backgrounds and can support you both locally and nationally, in-person, video, or phone. If you need support and you feel I can help, I’d love to meet you.Private Health Fund rebates may be available.


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