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Lisa Payne

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Lisa is a skilled counsellor who incorporates both professional knowledge and lived experience to offer holistic and authentic counselling services to individuals and couples, assisting them to cope better in their everyday situations, enhance communication and become empowered in their relationships with themselves and others. She has a diverse range of experience working with individuals from all walks of life including families and adolescents, post release population, mental health, alcohol and drug misuse, disabilities and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.Lisa has experience in and is qualified to offer flexible and collaborative counselling services that promote a safe and confidential space for unique emotional exploration, self-understanding and growth including short- and longer-term counselling, as well as appropriate referrals and social connections. Lisa has also worked with narrative deconstruction and reconstruction of clients’ stories and identity/s, fostering an enlightened positive new meaning and hope in an individual’s unique story and overall identity, perception of self, others, and life’s experienced adversities.Lisa's approach is authentic, empathetic, and collaborative and she works on the premise that each unique person is the ‘expert’ on their lived experiences and as such, the key to growth, positive perceptual shift, and overall effective personal change, lies within the hero in the tragedy or the strengths, abilities and resilience fostered and implemented in moving through the struggle of life’s adversities. It is believed that awareness of such strengths and resilience offers hope for an empowered life without the problem and the ability to envision oneself living the life one needs and desires.Evidence has found that through a focus on what is going right, instead of what is going wrong, a broadened perception of the Self and one’s life can emerge allowing for self-awareness of psychological, biological, and social factors that incorporate a holistic, multi-faceted development of the Self, believed to be shift fixed, internalized identities constructed through our interactions with others, the broader social factors (education, political and economic).



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