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Louise Lugsdin

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Lou Lugsdin is a Counsellor, Life and Career Coach and Personal Development Specialist based in Drysdale, Victoria.Lou is a provider of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselling Services to businesses Australia wide. Lou is passionate about helping small to medium sized businessed support their PEOPLE as it's the people that make the business.As an EAP provider, Lou ensures that resources are dedicated to the people and assists clients to move through change, challenges and barriers.Lou is currently providing both face to face and remote counselling and coaching services to people in Victoria and all states of Australia.Lou has a passion for working with people in remote and regional areas, as she grew up in remote NSW, and understands how hard it can be for people to access quality, professional services in remote areas.She is passionate about working alongside business owners and leaders, supporting them to design and create mentally healthy workplaces. Lou helps small to medium sized businesses, whether it be EAP counselling or personal and professional development training sessions and workshops.Other areas of interest are – Personal and Professional Development Counselling and Coaching, Career Counselling, Relationships Counselling, Effective Communication Counselling, and helping to bridge the gap between families, students and schools and helping students to create a growth mindset and set themselves up for success.Lou takes a holistic approach to mental health, emotional health, general health and overall well-being and not only provides 1:1 Counselling, but also delivers workshops and personal development programs face to face and via Zoom.Lou helps and supports her clients to move forward and create positive personal and professional change.



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