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Lyndall Briggs

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Congratulations, you have just found one of the #1 Hypnotherapist and Counsellors in Australia. Bold statement? Yes, but here is why this is bold but also true. Lyndall was  also on the board of ACA  for 10 years the website that you are on right now, and been an honorary member since 2002 and a Supervisor. A supervisor is a Senior Hypnotherapist that accredits Hypnotherapist & Counsellors with their yearly ongoing learning points. In other words Lyndall teaches about 3 dozen of the very people listed on this website with their ongoing learning. Lyndall is who other Hypnotherapists & Counsellors come to. She is also in private practise running her own clinic, the Kingsgrove Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre in Sydney for almost 21 years.This is just the tip of the iceburg regarding her qualifications and associations, but for your everyday client most importantly she gets results.For example her clients that come for a breakthrough to stop smoking are non-smokers after only 2 sessions. The testimonial list is long and vast.Lyndall has also managed to record over 50 very reasonably priced MP3’s audio tracks available on her website http://mentalmassages.comOriginally designed to enhance a client’s session once they leave, it was discovered that these tracks were in fact extremely powerful as a stand-alone session, so have been made available via the website so expats and English speakers could benefit no matter where in the world they are.Call (02) 9024-5182 to make an appointment and download your Free copy of Lydnall’s Introduction to Relaxation MP3 at



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