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Having completed a Diploma in Counselling, Australian Online Therapy Training Level 1 and drawing on 50 years of life experience, I am a registered member of Australian Counselling Association and Psychology Today.Previously I worked as an Accountant, Office Administrator, Personal Assistant and Human Resource Manager for 31 years and continue to do so on a part time basis. I was drawn to Counselling as I often found myself listening to colleagues’ problems and while I may not have resolved their issues, they always walked away happier and with a different more positive outlook.If you suffer from anxiety, depression or grief I am here to listen to your concerns, worries, difficulties, dilemmas and issues in a safe, caring, confidential, non-judgemental environment.While you may find comfort is discussing / sharing problems with family and friends, sometimes it may be easier to talk objectively to someone external to your inner circle.As your Counsellor I aim to develop rapport and trust, build an effective working relationship, helping you effectively use your existing problem-solving skills and / or develop new better coping strategies.  Together we can achieve a manageable solution or resolution to overcome problems associated with anxiety, depression, grief, and other worries.Incorporating Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques and Solution Based Therapy in my counselling sessions, my aim is to assist you to focus on your strengths, have an awareness of weaknesses, develop strategies to move you towards your goals, both personal and professional.Counselling can be offered face to face, online or over the phone.Call or Email Lynette for a free 20 minutes consultation on 0411 680 088 or after which a time can be organised for 45 minute consultation.



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