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Lynette Canes

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I studied psyachotherapy 20 years ago but was unable to complete my training as the clinic I was training with went into administration before I qulaified.In 2020 I decided to formalise my qualifications and I completed a Diploma in Counselling. I doubled this with a Diploma in Community Services, raising much awareness of the hardships encountered in the community. In January 2023 I moved from Perth to Bridgetown where I set up my own private practice.I practice Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga on a daily basis. I ran Mindfulness workshops in Perth which were very well received, and I will be running more of these. I find this practice and daily meditation among the best tools for dealing with many mental health issues.Combining my years of lived experience and accumulated wisdom with my broad training and natural abilities, I use various means to support people in releasing what is not helpful; to realise their potential; to assist their healing; to empower them to live the life they were born to live: with acceptance, gratitude and love, in peace and harmony.I am a Counsellor, supporter, teacher, inspirer, listener, nurturer – a Safe Place. I walk alongside my clients, sharing my knowledge and wisdom gained from almost 60 years of living in many and diverse places, through many and diverse experiences, helping people from all walks of life to find meaning so they can reengage in a peaceful, meaningful life.


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