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Maaku Angirish

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Hi there, I’m Maaku (pronounced ‘mark-who’) and I am a holistic psychotherapist and counsellor.As we progress through life, we are constantly moving through learning and unlearning, un-knowing and knowing. While this inherent flow is often subtle, being able to notice it can be the difference between repeating old habits and stories, and stepping towards change and transformation. One of my goals in sessions is to help you to take steps towards and within this transition.My general therapeutic approach is parts-informed, somatic, and holistic. I will respond to your needs both within the present moment and your therapeutic journey. My goal is to help you develop a stronger sense of your insight and self-awareness, learn how to integrate your experiences, and ultimately forge a deeper connection with yourself.Throughout our time together, you might begin to see an improvement with:Low mood, negative thoughts, or depressionRepetitive, racing, or uncontrollable thoughtsAnxietyStressBurnoutConnecting with and understanding sexuality and genderCommunication difficultiesInterpersonal relationship difficultiesIdentity and sense of SelfIdentifying values and living a meaningful lifeLearning to feel grounded and supportedUnravelling the threads of intergenerational and inherited traumaUnderstanding multiplicity and Self I welcome people from all walks of life, and you can expect sessions to be LGBTQIA+ friendly and sex-worker friendly. You are warmly invited to contact me to see if I might be the right fit for you.


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