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Do you feel you are perpetually living a life in survival mode?Are you seeking to be a better version of yourself but don't know how or where to start?I once did too. I used drinking, binge eating, self-medicating, co-dependent relationships, sex, productivity, and staying busy to keep my anxiety and emotions at bay.Does this sound familiar?It can seem so difficult to step out of this cycle of suffering or even know where to look.Allow me to show you how to tap into the rich resources of your own inner wisdom, the same inner guidance system that took me from lost to building a strong foundation of inner peace, clarity of vision and joy for life.I help you raise your consciousness…and access your power, discover hidden truths, unveil blind spots, create new empowering trajectories, and receive healing as you navigate the contrast in this life. You will be in good hands as each session is intuitively guided to find the healing or insight you need.I offer the unique combination of practical Neuro Linguistic Programming (working with the mind and its subconscious programs) as well as the intuitive flow of surrendering to Divine intervention and healing, working with the heart, the field of truth and flow.We will create a new trajectory and lens of which to see your life, having spent time directing present awareness to your personal narratives and feelings with someone to gently guide you to your next level of consciousness.I can help you with…Anxiety and depressionGrief and fear of deathAddiction and escapismPerfectionism and controlRelationshipsGoal setting and clarityNavigating neurodiversity & maskingFinding your truths & visionBuilding resilience and strengthOpening your heartReleasing repressed emotionsChildhood traumaCyclical behavioural patternsDisordered eatingDisengagement and apathyAwakening and disillusionmentAnything that involves YOU struggling to find peace.Your session will draw upon:Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnosis and Guided MeditationInner Child and Shadow WorkHeart-based Coherence Practices Bioenergetics (strengthening the circuitry of your nervous system)Quantum Healing TechniqueThe unified wisdom of the ancient sages (Christ, Hermes, Buddha, The Dao, Yogic, Native & Aboriginal, Zen, Sufi…to name a few)Solution-Focused, Acceptance & Commitment, and Cognitive Behavioural TherapiesValues Assessment and Goal SettingPerson-Centred CounsellingAllow me to help guide you to empowerment using your own inner guidance system.  I can confidently assure you that awakening to your programming brings new awareness, freedom, resilience and peace.You are not alone and millions of others are consciously awakening with you, breaking from their old beliefs and learning to rebuild the self on a different foundation. I would love to show you that this life can be wonderful; better than you ever imagined.How much is a session?Your investment is AU$110 for a 1-HOUR session (virtual) or AU$220 for a 2-HOUR in-person session (Robina, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia).



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