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Manojini De Silva

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As a qualified counsellor, I create a safe space for you to identify and explore beliefs and behaviours that prevent you from living your life to its full potential.My counselling model is a blended customised approach drawing from Cognitive behaviour, Solution-focused, Acceptance and Commitment therapies and mindfulness practices.As an immigrant and a bilingual woman of colour, I have a deep understanding of challenges in areas related to interracial, interfaith and intergenerational conflicts. My special interest is in helping people from culturally, linguistically and socially diverse backgrounds to navigate through life's challenges and move forward to a tranquil space.From a young age, I assumed the role of a counsellor to support adults in my life that were struggling with addictions and mental health issues. These life challenges have made me a good listener and together with the ability to think outside the box, have made me a successful counsellor. 


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