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Maria Stark

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I work with a mission to help people live an emotionally satisfying life and with a vision to create a society where people can handle emotional issues independently to live a life of higher quality. I offer personalised counselling aimed at resolving your challenges, and ensuring that you are capable of facing the same challenge without professional help if you ever encounter it again. I work with people suffering from different kinds of emotional trauma emerging from troubled relationships, career confusions, loss and grief, addiction, workplace stress, and abuse. My counselling services extend to all these cases including general counselling. When I counsel people, I try to stimulate the emotional strength present inherently in them so that they become independent in finding solutions to problems in life. Additionally the focus of my service is on equipping people with life skills that help them handle any kind of emotional troubles in the future. I follow a flexible working methodology that you usually do not find in similar services. For one, I offer counselling at any place of your convenience, be it a quiet garden, a park or your home, within the Canberra Region and surrounding areas. Depending on your convenience, together we fix a time and place where I can come over and counsel. I also offer counselling over Professional Skype and telephone. In short, I give you the freedom to choose the mode of counselling. It is my ardent desire to touch as many lives as possible and make a positive difference to each of them.



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