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Marie Mirbach

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Hi there, my name is Marie and I am passionate about helping my clients live more fulfilling lives and experience greater wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing specific life challenges (such as low mood, anxiety or disordered eating), wish to develop deeper self-understanding (for example in relation to your identity or sexuality), or want to experience more fulfilling relationships (friendships, partnerships or family-relations) psychotherapy is a powerful tool that can support your process.My approach is based on the assumption that every person’s mind is unique, thus best treatment requires to be tailored to you as an individual. In the room I am guided foremost by curiosity and a systemic approach to try to understand: what it is like to be you and how you have come to be the person you are.Let’s discover together what you may need to make desired, sustainable change in your life – maybe listening to your body more? changing your mindset? engaging in a creative process? I happily offer a free 15 minute consult where you may ask any questions before starting therapy. I very much look forward to welcoming you at the present place.


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