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Marley Wood

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I have been privileged to meet people from all walks of life who have added so much value to both my personal and professional development. I have worked within the Community Services and Mental Health Services Sector now for approximately 19 years. Over this time, I have met and supported people living in nursing homes who were at their end stage of life, people with differing abilities, and individuals that are confined within the Victorian prison system. I have also facilitated men’s behaviour change programs for both mandated and non-mandated members, supporting them to understand the differences between abusive and non-abusiveAt Your Wise Counselling, we are interested in understanding the way of your thinking, and listening to your needs and wants, so we can support you in the exploration and discovery of your new life journey, with a new found motivation and passion. Our service is person centered, honest, genuine, and holistic, and aims to support your values and emotions.As humans, we learn in early childhood, and through our attachments, how to manage our feelings and emotions. During counselling, we may gently explore how your 'forgotten unattended self' is currently impacting on your 'present self'. We bring compassion and attention to your 'forgotten self' to support your 'present self' to build strength and resilience. 


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