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Meg Sanderson, qualified Counsellor (Bsc. Counselling), Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher  has an ability to listen to and understand that each and every single one of us is living a life filled with our own chaos. With extensive experience in dealing with individuals and their daily challenges, through her work, she hopes to continue to empower others to connect to the core of who they really are. In a safe, confidential and supportive manner, Meg offers counselling and wellbeing consults to those seeking some extra support and guidance in life.Meg works closely with clients who have ;| An overstimulated nervous system| Anxiety| Depression| Low self esteem and confidence| Poor stress management skills| Lack of connection and purpose in life| General feelings of overwhelml Trauma She uses an integrative approach, intertwining talk therapy sessions with education on tools and techniques that help calm and balance the nervous system, create a general improved sense of wellbeing and allow clients to regain control. Some approaches she uses include compassion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy and mindfulness. 



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