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Mel Eden

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I work with women who feel lost, disillusioned and who are beginning to recognise that their life has followed a particular pattern that is no longer serving them. They have come to a point where they know that its time for change. I work from the belief that there is always hope and we are all capable of creating the life that we want, bit by bit, and that the right support can absolutely help the process. I can help you on this journey because it's not only what I am trained to do, but I've also been there. While every experience is unique to the individual, there are often common threads we all weave through our lives. I help you unpick them.I utilise talk therapy, alongside meditation, visualisation, EFT (tapping) and other resources as required. I take an informal, judgement-free, holistic, relationship focused approach to my work which many clients respond well to. You will feel seen, heard and respected in our sessions.Feel free to give me a call or send me a message if you want to know more about me and how I work. I'm happy to have a brief chat so that you can get a feel for whether you think I'd be a fit for you. If you are ready to do the work, I'm ready to walk alongside you through the process.Sessions are $95 and run for 70 minutes.All questions are answered:


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