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Melanie Williams

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Melanie has a Master's degree in Social Science specialising in Counselling. She has over 15 years experience assisting people navigate change in life.  You will receive confidential, ethical and evidence based therapy.  Melanie has specialist skills in Family Law and separation as well as child focussed parenting pre and post separation.  If you are struggling with interpersonal relationships at work or home, Melanie has over 10 years experience working with professionals experiencing workplace or marital relationship conflict.  You will recieve expert assistance to improve your conflict resolution skills.Melanie also has extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults navigating education and career pathways, education challenges and social versus academic happiness. If you are seeking support with domestic or family violence or parental alienation, please call.  You will find support and help. All nationalities, religion, gender and ethnic backgrounds and LGBTQI are safe and welcome.Melanie also has an additonal specialty if you suffer from fear of dogs, for children and adults alike.All services are covid safe and full Telehealth options are available.              


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