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Melinda Coles

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I help people navigate significant life transitions, relationship challenges and the day to day stresses of life. When life gets too much, you may need a listening ear and someone to hold space and help you work through the strong emotions. I offer a person-centred and strengths based approach in a safe, confidential setting so you can be at ease and truly explore your emotions and what underlies them. I have specific experience with attachment styles, developmental trauma and codependent–narcissistic relationships. These dynamics can undermine your self-worth, and make you feel lost, anxious and disoriented. With compassion and empathy, I offer you insight and strategies so you can feel relief and empowered to take the next steps. I use practical tools such as mindfulness and body awareness to help you bridge the gap between your mind, body and emotions. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or disengaged from life, I can help you reconnect with yourself and achieve peace and balance again.


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