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Menny Monahan

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Menny Monahan, a Clinical Counsellor (ACA Level 4) and accredited ACA Supervisor, specialises as an EMDR therapist (EMDRAA). Holding a Master’s Degree in Counselling, she is the creator of the Reflecting Partner framework. Menny runs two businesses: Menny Monahan Wellbeing offering Counselling and WOW Professional Development offering Clinical Supervision and Training.With two decades of experience as a Counsellor, including 10 years’ experience as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counsellor – Menny brings a wealth of wisdom to her supervisees and clients.   Embracing a postmodern, social constructionist approach to therapy, her therapeutic framework is deeply rooted in trauma-informed principles, integrating theories such as the Neurosequential Model, Polyvagal Theory, and the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study.As a Clinical Supervisor for the Australian Counselling Association, Menny Monahan offers both individual and group supervision sessions through WOW Professional Development ( These sessions are designed to foster a supportive community environment where participants feel connected, valued, and heard, which is crucial given the potential isolation of private practice.The group supervision sessions include elements such as knowledge refreshment, case conferencing to gather diverse perspectives, and provide a safe space for debriefing. These components are essential for enhancing practice and preventing burnout among supervisees. Menny is dedicated to bringing out the best in her supervisees, instilling confidence in their therapeutic skills with enthusiasm and a slightly nerdy approach to bringing literature to life. Her commitment to professional growth and support ensures that supervisees feel empowered and equipped to excel in their roles within the counselling field. Online bookings available at her role as the Wellbeing Learning Coordinator at YMCA Social Impact, Menny spearheaded the development of the trauma-informed wellbeing program, Thrive Wellbeing Pathway. This evidence-based program supports young people in educational settings, implemented across twelve YMCA Vocational Schools campuses. Menny collaborates with YMCA staff, delivering training and clinical supervision to enhance program efficacy.Recognized for her expertise, Menny frequently serves as a keynote speaker and trainer for organisations. Her workshops cover topics such as Grief & Loss, Trauma-Informed Practice, the Neurodevelopment Model, Team Building, and Staff Wellbeing. Notably, she delivered a compelling presentation titled ‘How to Nurture Resilience in Adolescents: A Neurosequential Approach’ at the ACA National Conference in 2023.



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