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With a solid foundation in counselling backed by a Diploma, Michael has carved a niche in supporting and empowering young people and international students. As a director at HGB Group, he leads initiatives that assist international students in Adelaide, ensuring their transition is smooth and supportive. Michael’s extensive business acumen is reflected in his strategic approach and his ability to foster positive relationships across cultures and communities.In addition to his role at HGB Group, Michael serves as a Therapeutic Youth Worker for a prominent organization dedicated to the care of young individuals. His depth of experience in youth work is demonstrated through his compassionate and effective engagement with those in care, supporting their personal and social development.Michael also operates a mobile counselling practice, bringing his professional services directly to clients’ homes, with office appointments available upon request. His practice emphasizes the importance of accessibility and convenience, ensuring that mental health support is available to those who need it, wherever they are.For bookings and more information, please visit Michael’s website. Availability is by appointment only, ensuring each client receives dedicated and focused care.



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