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Michael Cohn

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I am in my early 70's and hope my life's experience has given me something to offer clients. A former lawyer who has lived and practiced in 3 countries, I am now therapist (since 2003) with over 19,000 clinical hours, and I have built a successful and thriving practice largely on word of mouth. People find me and refer others to me so I must be doing something useful! My clinical skills initially were honed as a therapist in 3 different private psychiatric hospitals, but my practice now is largely with the 'worried well'. My practice is emotional focussed, with a prominent mindfulness base in order to always engage in the here-and-now, and my sessions tend to feel like Gestalt interactions. Formally, I style myself as an ACT therapist and I was one of the first ACT practitioners in Australia and one of the first ACT trainers. I have presented at numerous workshops, including at the International ACT Conference in New Zealand around 2010. I run about 3 experiential process groups each week and I maintain a busy private practice as therapist, trainer and supervisor. If something ding-dongs for you in reading my profile, I'd be thrilled to hear from you.



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