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Michelle Sacchetti

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As a Polyvagal informed somatic counsellor and psychotherapist, I will work with you in a safe and supportive way to grow your capacity to be present during the psychotherapeutic process..Taking a Polyvagal approach will help you to understand the influence that the state of your nervous system has, and how this may be contributing to certain thoughts, behaviours, feelings and the way you relate to others.I take a client centred outlook and will support you in a compassionate and non judgemental manner, moving between the story you are sharing, to noticing how your body is responding to what is being said. This encourages integration between mind and body, working in a way to invite the body to process difficult subject matter, rather than repeating a story that can be triggering.I support adults who may be experiencing anxietygrief and lossrelationship issuessingle incident PTSDcomplex trauma C-PTSDclimate distressan unexpected health diagnosis or require long term/ongoing treatmentOnline sessions available Australia wide and limited availability for in person sessions in Melbourne



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