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Milica Robinson

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I provide holistic, practical counselling using an integrative approach working with adolescents, adults to seniors with individual, couple and family therapy, varying according to the client’s needs working with the whole person – mind, body, emotions and spirit. Tailoring sessions to what is most affective and appropriate for each individual and their interests and concerns; drawing from my skills in mindfulness, mind-body therapy, and creative/expressive therapies (art therapy), dreams and imagery in therapy, in addition to my professional training in talk therapy (Counselling and Psychotherapy). I work collaboratively with the client(s) exploring their difficulties as well as their values. My practice incorporates individual, couple and family therapy and can also lead group therapy in anxiety and grief support groups. Every client is unique as is every therapeutic relationship.Facilitating discussion and providing support to work on the most important areas that are identified by the clients. Sessions may focus on communication and complicated experiences that lead to insights and decisions, or focus on specific issues and problems.My interest is in the body-mind connection, assisting my clients to free themselves and live a heathy, meaningful whole life. Facilitating the client in providing clarity regarding the issues they are facing by developing simple, viable and sustainable solutions for your problems where I treat the cause not the symptom, leading to trust, harmony, understanding, confidence, happiness and peace in your life. I implement a mixture of counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches in my practice depending on the individual and their needs in the session with me.


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