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Mohamad Fenj

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Australia has beautiful beaches but the waves are always unpredictable.Such is life… Beautiful but unpredictable.Facing a problem is often not a choice, but facing the solution can be. Facing a problem is just as courageous as attempting the solution.If you think you can, YOU CAN.My name is Mohamad.Lived experience has taught me alot about the reality of life and how to see beauty through it's unpredictability.I work in Complex Mental Health and have a very strong background in Drug addictions and rehabilitation therapies coupled with personal lived experience.I am the Founder and Director of The Rehabilitation Project ( and work with people experiencing addictions and problematic mental health on daily basis.I'm here to keep it real with you and help see you through to overcome your challenges.#The way we look at people changes the people we see.


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