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Moira Murphy

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I am employed by a Non-Governmental Agency that specializes in supporting people who identify as being unpaid Carers. In my role as a Carer Counsellor, I help to alleviate distress and to promote personal growth and mental and emotional well-being.A Carer recently nominated me for a ‘Consumer Recognition Reward’ in the ACT Government 2023 Allied Health Excellence Awards. This is the first year that nominations were accepted for the Private Sector and for Non-Governmental Agencies and although ACT Health and the Education Directorate nominations prevailed as winners in most categories, a changed mindset regarding eligibility will see changes in the future.I have no idea who the person is that nominated me, but I was informed that this person felt I had saved her life. Through her nomination I feel humbled and honoured, but with her nomination there also comes recognition of all Counsellors as Allied Health workers.I thank her for honouring my work and for taking the time to complete the lengthy paperwork entailed in nomination. I also thank the ACA for their relentless advocacy to have the Counselling profession acknowledged as being valuable.If you identify as a Carer, please call the Carer Gateway for help and support 1800 422 737. 


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