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Monica Raizada

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Speak to a holistic counsellorI am a highly educated counsellor with degrees in Economics, Education and Counselling. As a trained counsellor, I have holistic expertise in relationship counselling and conflict resolution, abuse counselling, grief and loss counselling, child development and effective parenting and mindfulness-based therapies.As an empathetic counsellor, I am passionate about assisting you in overcoming the wellbeing obstacles facing your life. My practice principles include being non-judgemental, demonstrating empathy and empowering you to drive change for positive outcomes. I aim to provide vital support to you to discover targeted solutions and strategies to resolve issues affecting your wellbeing, health and relationships.For over a decade, I have been actively engaged in community service, helping multicultural communities, particularly family violence victims throughout the resolution cycle. Apart from assisting and successfully supporting more than 250 victims of family violence on a one-to-one basis, I have assisted in developing projects and resources for family violence victims that go beyond the immediate problems confronting them. I have organised family harmony and wellbeing days to guide, assist and educate community against domestic violence. I have been being invited to many forums and panels as a guest speaker to educate and inspire others, with the sole aim of positively impacting wellbeing.My efforts have been recognised by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) who honoured me with a Meritorious Award for serving the community in 2015 and an excellence award for Innovative Service to the women of Wyndham in 2016.I am committed to providing high-quality confidential counselling, designed to support individuals, couples, and families surmount personal issues affecting their emotional and social wellbeing.I am multi-lingual, speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages.If you want to know more about me, keep reading: I have worked as a Business Development Manager and as an educator too. I currently work with Manor Lakes College as a teacher as well as debating and public speaking coach.I am the founder and chairperson of Family Wellbeing team of Ramon Helps Inc. I joined hands with the Building Blocks leaders and other women from Wyndham City (Melbourne) to form Women of Wyndham (WOW) with a vision of enlightening, engaging and empowering the women of Wyndham. I have also held the position of the Vice President of Australia India Society of Victoria and the Chairperson of Events Management Committee at the Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria. I was also one of the founder and executive member of Jagriti – a social awakening not-for-profit organisation, as well as a founder member of a breakfast club to feed the homeless and needy.Besides all these voluntary roles, I have also been a community representative at Werribee Secondary College Council until I started teaching again at Manor Lakes College. I am currently on the School Council of Manor Lakes College and the Secretary of Education Union at MLC.I am also a member of VMC’s Advisory Board, Northern and Western metropolitan regions and an elected Vice-Chair of Wyndham Interfaith Network (WIN).I hope all the above credentials about me will give you confidence that you have found the right counsellor who will closely work with you and help you move forward with your life. Remember, ‘YOU’ are important.              

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