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Muskan Sharma

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I am a motivated professional with a sound understanding and valuable exposure to counselling. I am a student with a record of academic and extracurricular success. I have extensive teamwork and leadership experience that as I am adept at working across departments, with property, with administrators, and with students. I am also an empathetic individual with an ability to establish rapport swiftly. With the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained through my undergraduate and posgraduate programs, I can understand, address, and offer solutions to human services-related situations. I have a passion for helping people overcome barriers and challenges on an individual basis. I am interested in studying the trends and patterns of human behaviors. I am motivated by the opportunity to serve others and make a difference in the community.In embracing Mahatma Gandhi's timeless wisdom, I find profound purpose in the notion that losing oneself in the service of others is the ultimate path to self-discovery. Through advocating for mental health awareness and extending a helping hand, I am not only committed to assisting others but also dedicated to sculpting a more enriched and compassionate version of myself through noble service. I have undergone several intensive training programs and internships that have helped me gain knowledge and have prepared me for my future endeavors. 

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