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Nalini Sharma

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"Ears for You"Hearing the unheard without judgements.I can assure you, I will walk with you in each step towards your wellbeing, self-realisation, not so wanted days and we can get through the rough patches of life together and acheive our set realistic goals.I can support you to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.I will support you to learn how to help yourself because sometimes "we have to be our own sunshine". I resonates in being genuine and compassionate. I am empathetic, non-judgmental, a believer and an active listener with a non-blaming approach. My priority indicates my speciality to support and work with clients as a team for their safety and wellbeing using client-centred, strength-based, solution focused therapeutic approaches.Being a culturally competent counsellor, I can support bridge the gap between various ethnic dilemmas, and build trust and rapport with clients. I am equipped with knowledge and experience in relationships and family counselling addressing individual needs, relationships issues, domestic family violence and sexual assault.I have been delivering counselling services for more than 5 years. I have  worked at Schools, hospitals, Police department, NGO’s, Psychotherapy centres, Beyond Blue on Coronavirus mental wellbeing service and at present works with 1800RESPECT. I am proficient in conducting individual or group counselling sessions, psychoeducational workshops for all age groups from toddlers to old age targeting child development issues, social skills, positive parenting & guidance, mental health, personality development, relationship enhancement, empty nest syndrome and others.I am a trained professional and efficiently employ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy & Family Therapy. I am fluent in English & Hindi. 

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