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Naomi Young-Pickrell

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I believe that we all have a purpose in life, but acknowledge that sometimes we can lose our way a little and become stuck or lost – that’s when support and guidance can help. My passion is to help people create more internal space so that they can get to know themselves better and see clearly where they need to go, moving in a direction their heart calls.  I offer one on one counselling sessions via zoom, in person or ‘walk and talk’ at one of the many beautiful nature spots here in the Gold Coast, specialising in anxiety, trauma, self-discovery and gender identity.  I use a person centred approach in my sessions, as well as integrating ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), yogic breath work, mindfulness and meditation techniques. As a mother of two girls, and with over 10 years experience as a committed yoga practitioner and teacher, I draw on everything I have learned on my own journey of healing and navigating the challenges of motherhood to bring deep understanding and empathetic presence into my counselling.


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