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Natasha Turner

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Do you have mental health challenges, like to understand your conditions + learn strategies to manage your issues? Want support to recover from relationship or childhood abuse? Battling grief/loss, need help to process the pain and create a new future? Drugs and/or alcohol dependent, seeking support to lower or stop your usage? Suicidal/self harming and need help to change the thought patterns? Struggling with chronic pain, wish to ease it's mental health effects? LGBTIQPA+ person who would like non judgmental guidance to explore your gender and/or sexuality? Tired of Counsellors judging your polyamorous relationship or kink practices, I am a mono/poly person, so I am very aware of your dynamic. Battling an eating disorder, need specialized rehabilitation support?Niches incl. chronic pain/fatigue; addictions; suicide/self harm; trauma; sexuality&gender; mental health, ADHD and Autism;polyamory. I tailor a unique combination of therapies specific for each client. My most common are ACT, CBT, Solution Focused, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative,  Brief Intervention. I provde LGBT+ specialized and polyamory supportI offer face to face counselling in the lower section of my house, totally private and 3 Therapy rooms to choose from!. Also I provide phone, online and video sessions to provide accessibility. I work 7 days a week from 7am-3pm. Use the free 15 minute call to assess our suitability. I counsel individuals, certain couples, groups, of any sexuality, race and faith. I am an openly Queer person myself in a gender and Neuro diverse household. You are very welcome


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