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Nathan Wyer

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Wired to Work; Careers, Counselling and Clinical
Supervision. Life is tough, but we are all ‘wired to work’.

Nathan has been employed working in education, careers counselling
and school counselling for over 20 years. 
In that time, he has supported children, students and families to
overcome common developmental difficulties, mental health issues, as well as
supported clients through periods of anxiety, depression and suicidality. Nathan
has also served his community through volunteer organisations that have provided
career guidance and training to community leaders, partnered with associations
and institutes to develop and provide rite of passage experiences for young people,
 as well as support for families doing it
tough and individuals that are homeless.  Nathan has also held position of chairman, director
and elder in churches to see them flourish through difficult transitions and

Nathan is currently working as a Senior Guidance Officer:
supervising and supporting 10+ school counsellors in regional Queensland.
Outside of school hours, he currently provides tutoring, marking to undergraduate
and post graduate counselling programs, as well as providing other education, and
counselling services to several tertiary institutes. Nathan has started private consultancy to offer supervision to
counsellors, pastors and church leadership.

Nathan has several postgraduate and professional qualifications: Education, Theology as well as Guidance and Counselling. Nathan is about to commence
further studies and research into measuring counsellor wellbeing and the impact
of vicarious or secondary stress disorder on practice and practitioner.  

Nathan’s long-term interests and passions rest in seeing
counsellors and healing helpers sustain and maintain their true calling of being
‘wired to work’. 

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