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Nicholas Powell

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After diligently studying trauma work and various modalities for six years, I pursued a diploma in counseling at the Southbank Institute of Tafe to enhance my expertise. Currently, I am furthering my knowledge by undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (Honours) at Griffith University. My profound passion lies in guiding individuals through the complexities of trauma and life's challenges.I am continuously engaged in research and exploration, particularly drawn to modalities like Internal Systems Therapy, Parts Work and Language, Brain Spotting, Zen Meditation, Letting Go Meditations, Gratitude Interventions, and Somatic Work. These approaches resonate deeply with me, and I find great joy in understanding and applying them in therapeutic settings.Looking ahead, my post-undergraduate goals include obtaining qualifications through The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. This will allow me to extend greater care and support to those who suffer silently, making a meaningful impact in their lives.

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