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Nicola Santarossa

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With a background in Medicine, Nic has a special interest in health psychology and assisting clients to navigate the adjustment process in response to newly imposed limitations when diagnosed with a chronic and disabling psychological and/or physical illness. Nic’s approach to counselling is strengths-based and collaborative, recognising the client as the expert in their own lives. Her major interests include working with youth and adults struggling with bipolar and unipolar depression, eating disorders, complex trauma, domestic violence survivors, substance use and post traumatic growth.She aims to help her clients increase their self-awareness by assisting them to examine their underlying values and beliefs and ensure that they are working to benefit them. She can help you rewrite your preferred autobiography through a narrative approach and will encourage you to consider your greater purpose in life. Nic values authenticity and autonomy and that is emulated through her work.Nic is completing a PACFA-accredited specialist training course in Meaning-Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) which assumes that we are all going to encounter unavoidable suffering throughout our lifetime. She believes that meaning can be forged from even the darkest of circumstances. Nic aims to empower you to realize that you are never stuck, and there are always options open to you, if only you know where to look.




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