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Nicoll Paatan

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Nic has a background in clinical pathology, biotechnology, and medical research but chose to enter the field counselling with an intense passion for journeying with people from diasporic and LGBTQIA+/Queer communities.He uses the postmodern view of counselling, using narrative, outcome-oriented, and systemic approaches through a culturally-grounded lens. Nic understands that each person's journey is unique to themselves, being influenced by their cultural communities, and he seeks to allow clients to adjust their relationship with their communities in order to obtain their desired outcomes.Nic has extensive experience working with the international student community, having facilitated mental wellbeing workshops and conversations, particularly for Higher Degree/Research students, and setting up programs and organisations to allow international students to form healthy, positive relationships with other international students and domestic students alike.He is interested in assisting international students who may face accessibility issues in seeking assistance with their mental health quality, but is also interested in taking on clients from the general public who may identify with a diasporic community or the LGBTQIA+/Queer community themselves. He is also open to supervising fellow mental health professionals, utilising the same approaches and culturally-centred foundations to facilitate growth as a counsellor.


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