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Oliver Brooke

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Oliver is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and Registered Professional Counsellor (ACA Level 4). Oliver provides IFS sessions for individuals looking to understand and support their mental well-being. As a somatic and experiential approach, IFS offers an alternative to other talk therapies. As an IFS client, you will gain clarity and relief through direct experience of your internal world. You will not need to rely on the therapist’s knowledge or interpretation. Find out how Oliver and IFS could help you.IFS is a highly effective, non-pathologising, and evidence-based psychotherapy for improving mental well-being. IFS is an accessible and intuitive method. As an IFS client, you will explore your inner world, identify parts of your personality, discover the role of your protective parts and heal traumas and extreme emotions.Oliver takes a non-judgemental approach to his clinical work, going at the pace of the client and allowing their experience to unfold as it needs to. You will feel supported, connected, and respected in your sessions with Oliver. Oliver is happy to provide therapy for interstate clients. He offers 90-minute IFS sessions for $180 or 60 min IFS sessions for $120 via Zoom."As an IFS therapist, Oliver skillfully empowers clients to find their own path to self healing, bringing a clear sense of gentleness and compassion to each therapy session.He has a light, sensitive and curious approach that allows clients to feel safe, heard and vulnerable enough to let go of burdens that hold them back from becoming the best versions of themselves.Anyone looking to overcome trauma to lead a more connected, fulfilling and inspired life will benefit greatly from working with Olly." – Michael, IFS Client



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