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Olivia Davis

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Olivia's move into counselling was motivated when she facilitated a programme for people overcoming addiction. Her experience grew further working with vulnerable children with special educational needs, young people excluded from school and working with women recovering from domestic violence. She utterly believes in 'bottom up' approaches, which means using her passion to incorporate creative therapeutic interventions within her work, enabling all clients to playfully explore their inner world.Undertaking a Master of Counselling Advanced, has given her a firm foundation and developed her approach to mental health and wellness. She is intrigued to understand what drives human behaviour and influence in society. Higher education study has led her to become curious to discover innovative methods.She thrives on bringing out the best in people and is drawn to a holistic approach to wellbeing. Ensuring all clients feel safe, heard and respected within the therapeutic relationship through a client-centered and solution-focussed approach, Olivia strives to facilitate each client's individual treatment goals. She cultivates self-compassion and self-love within her practice and guides clients to learn how to self-soothe, finding their own unique strengths, supports and resiliences.  Watching people transform, progress and become the best version of themselves, increases her emotional intelligence and is what drives her optimistic zest for life.


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