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Olivia Thompson

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Awakening Intimacy Healing was borne from my own profound personal experience unearthing my sensual energy that was buried under years of religious conditioning. Once I reconnected with my divine feminine energy, I embarked on a learning journey that challenged my core beliefs about intimacy, sex, sensuality … and my identity as a woman. Eventually, the universe guided me back to university where I studied human sexuality. Having completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual & Reproductive Heath: Psychosexual Therapy), and still processing deep emotional trauma, I set on a new solo adventure travelling the world, and living in the Middle East,  carving my own path and rediscovering my authentic-self. I pushed myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and completed Level 1 Tantra Healing Therapy training in Israel. My professional practice is informed by evidence-based theory, along with my lived experiences to create an integrative modality of therapy. Through my caring and holistic approach, I help women reconnect with their sensual feminine and transmute their inner sexual energy in all facets of their life. Explore my site to learn more about my intimate and sexual well-being offerings, and book a session to awaken your sensual feminine.


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