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Paraskevi Barmparigou

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My name is Paraskevi(Evi) and I am a counsellor for the past six years. I am a fluent Greek and English speaker.I offer counselling for day to day life challenges and in particular my specialisation is in the area of financial literacy therapy. In addition, I offer sessions for carers and support staff working with clients who have degenarative mental diseases, eg Dementia, Parkinson's.I empower clients to better understand their anxieties around their finances and teach them to manage the behaviours and emotions that are attached to money handling. By doing so it helps my clients to mitigate the risk of additional life stresses.Having worked in the Aged Care sector for more than 5 years as a Diversional Therapist and more recently in the last 3 years my work for NDIS, has allowed me to gain extensive experience  in supporting people who are suffering from Dementia and Parkinson's diseases and support their families as well. I have expanded my expertise and practice in this field through experience and professional development like  seminars and courses.

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